This blogs blueprint

This blog had no restrictions for me. So when setting this up I did some things I would never do anywhere else.
The bigest sin I commit is not having a development environment.
So how I this blog (being?) build:

The server

The server is a simple LAMP stack with Direct-Admin, because that’s what I had. Right now it’s not php7 but that’s high on the priority list. I’m not the only one on the server…

Installing WordPress

I use my own Skeleton fork. It has a few advantages.

  • The root dir is clean
  • It’s git friendly
  • Autoupdates are enabled
  • A few settings are set by default.
  • Errors are logged


This theme is based on underscores, and the bulk of the work was done on a different environment. Small tweaks I did do live.
I cleared most widgets, disabled trackbacks by default, changed the timezone and permalink structure.
Images link to nothing by default, as this will be a techblog most of the time.


  1. Default featured image So each image will have a featured image #plug
  2. WP-Markdown Because I like writing markdown
  3. Better WordPress Minify Minifying for better performace
  4. WP Super Cache Cache for better performance
  5. Yoast SEO Without a doubt the best SEO plugin
  6. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights
  7. Wordfence Security

Advance stuff

  • Setup a real cronjob
  • Full SSL with Letsencrypt, it’s buildin to Direct Admin
    Also force it in the .htaccess


  • Analytics
  • Webmaster tools
  • Favicon (I need a real logo)
  • Check the RSS feed
  • I want to use categories as a serial thing, don’t know how yet
  1. Pagespeed and ovservatory

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